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Madam & EVE: Women Portraying Women

Madam & EVE: Women Portraying Women


Liz Rideal & Kath Soriano

ISBN 9781786271563

Madam & Eve is a rich and varied overview of how women artists have depicted women in art over the last fifty years. It presents the many different media and approaches that women have used to create images of themselves and other women, and it examines the impact that the feminist movement has had on contemporary art. 200 artists are each represented by a single work. A historical introduction sets up the artistic and cultural context for the rest of the book, which focuses on art since the 1970s and covers the universal themes of the body, life, death, stories and icons. The artworks range from eye-catching to poignant, powerful, political, idiosyncratic and playful. Together they are also an examination of the impact of feminism on contemporary art.