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Know My Name: Australian Women Artists Since 1900 (Green Cover)

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305mm x 235mm

This book is an important milestone in Australian art. It will not long be in print.

Know My Name presents 150 Australian Women Artists through their work and specially written texts by 115 leading writers. Fabulous double-page spreads for each artist, presenting the artists’ works, and most texts by the acknowledged biographer for the artist. For example, Fiona Hall is represented by her Paradisus terrestris sardine-tin sculptures and an essay by Julie Ewington; Rosalie Gascoigne by her monumental Monaro sculpture of sawn soft-drink boxes and an essay by Deborah Hart; and Del Kathryn Barton by a multi-panel painting accompanied by another Julie Ewington text.

Click to see the entire list of artists – these are just the artists under ‘H’:

Hall, Fiona
Hanrahan, Barbara
Harper, Melinda
Hawkes, Ponch
Healy, Claire & Cordeiro, Sean
Hearman, Louise
Hessing, Mona
Hester, Joy
Heysen, Nora
Hinder, Margel
Hinterding, Joyce

More artists and the writers included:

Tracey Moffatt
by Natalie King

Mirka Mora

by Kendrah Morgan

Yvonne Audette
by Beckett Rozentals

Simryn Gill

by Naomi Cass

Dorothy Napangardi
by Paris Norton


by Beatrice Gralton

Vivienne Binns
by Virginia Fraser

Julie Gough
by Mary Knights

Rose Nolan
by Sally Foster

Dorrit Black
by Lara Nicholls

Elizabeth Gower
by Anja Loughhead

Susan Norrie
by Kelly Gellatly

Elise Blumann
by Simeran Maxwell

Lola Greeno
by Zoe Rimmer

Lena Nyadbi
by Margie West

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists' Co-operative
by Bronwyn Bancroft

Joan Grounds
by Yvette Dal Pozzo

Mel O'Callaghan
by Elyse Goldfinch

Stella Bowen
by Lola Wilkins

GW Bot
by Yvette Dal Pozzo

Bronwyn Oliver
by Hannah Fink

Joan Brassil
by Susan Best

Margaret Olley

by Christine France

Pat Brassington
by Juliana Engberg

Barbara Hanrahan
by Maria Zagala

Raquel Ormella
by Rebecca Coates

Lauren Brincat
by Talia Linz

Gwyn Hanssen Piggott
by Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax

Jill Orr
by Anne Marsh

Florence Broadhurst
by Anne-Marie Van de Ven

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro
by Beatrice Gralton

Louise Hearman
by Nicola Teffer

Cressida Campbell
by Anne Ryan

Joy Hester
by Denise Mimmocchi

Margaret Preston
by Deborah Edwards

Maria Fernanda Cardoso
by Rachel Kent

Nora Heysen
by Catherine Speck

Thea Proctor
by Lara Nicholls

This book tells the story of women’s art in Australia. It will be the foundation title in this area for decades to come.