Patricia Piccinini book at the printer

PATRICIA PICCININI: NEARLY BELOVED is looking great. It is our most anticipated book and is finally in the hands of the printer.

The first proofs have come back to us and after some small adjustments printing should be underway next week, then binding and shipping. We expect books will be released late November, and we hope this is in good time to get copies to customers before Christmas. 

Books will be in all our favourite bookshops such as the art gallery bookshops at Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery in Canberra, the NGV bookshop at Federation Square, QAG/GoMA bookshop in Brisbane, and many of those wonderful inner city independent bookshops. These are the bookshops that support us, so we encourage you to support them.

By the way, since our printing costs were lower than expected, we reduced the price of this book to $69.95.

There are fabulous insights into Patricia’s work, and lots of images both familiar and new, including installation views of recent exhibitions.

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