Piper Press showcases leading Australian writers and artists through books that are meticulously designed and edited to make contemporary art accessible and inspiring for us all.

Subjects include women, Indigenous, emerging and established artists. Print runs are large so books can be priced modestly while maintaining high quality.

In addition to this publishing program, Piper Press sells a select range art books by other leading publishers. Titles reviewed before being posted on this site.

2018 marks thirty years of publishing for Piper Press. The directors of Piper Press are John Dunn and Margaret Bishop who both had careers in art education and curriculum development before Piper Press. It was while working in art education in the 1970s and 1980s that they noticed women, Indigenous artists and mid-career artists were underrepresented in publications, and this was a motivating factor in establishing Piper Press.

Subjects of early titles included Tracey Moffatt, Julie Rrap, Fiona Foley and Fiona Hall. More recent titles have included Patricia Piccinini, William Robinson, Euan Macleod, Del Kathryn Barton, Bronwyn Oliver and the Sirius building.

Piper Press is pleased to announce it is partnering with NewSouth Books who will distribute Piper Press titles to booksellers from 1 March 2018, allowing Piper Press to concentrate on providing art books to individuals, schools and libraries.



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