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Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy

Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy


Achim Borchardt-Hume

ISBN 9781849765763

This Picasso exhibition the Tate Modern is focusing on a single year of the artist’s life. 1932 – a year in which Picasso was at the height of his powers, but also a year when some people were thinking his best work was behind him. There are works of exquisite beauty, many depicting his 22-year-old lover Marie-Therese Walter, and there are traces of his own artistic journey, touches of cubism as well as echoes of famous artworks of the past. This was the year Picasso turned fifty. For him it was a year of invention and reflection, and a year that he confirmed his status as the most influential artist of his time. By concentrating on a single year, and especially one of such significance in Picasso’s life, the Tate has brought Picasso’s creativity to life, allowing audiences to follow his creative directions in the year he created some of his best loved works.