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Studio DVD on special

Studio DVD on special


Piper Press


Huge reduction on a fabulous DVD that provides great insights into the lives of Australian artists in their studios. It features 51 artists in conversation – discussing their inspiration, getting started, making a painting, subjects, processes, media, drawing, spontaneity, reworking paintings, series, commissions, mistakes, and artist’s block. 

Photographer Ian Lloyd and writer John McDonald visited the studios of 61 painters and asked 18 standard questions dealing with the process of painting. The responses were surprising, revealing, humorous, insightful and sometimes contradictory. The best answers were edited down from 50 hours of interviews into a 103 minute DVD that lets the painters speak for themselves about their studios, their work routine and how they go about making their art. Topics covered include; The Studio as Muse, Working Hours, Daily Routine, Inspiration, Getting Started, Making a Painting, Subject vs. Process, Mediums, Drawing, Spontaneity, Reworking Paintings, Series, Commissions, Mistakes, and Artist's Block. Extras on the DVD include Last Words with Peter Churcher & Robert Hannaford discussing art education, Julie Dowling on post-colonialism, Ken Done on shock art, Annette Bezor on pornography and Rosslynd Piggott, Michael Johnson and Angus Nivison on the stresses and strains of a working artist.