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Art of Germany DVD

Art of Germany DVD


Piper Press

ISBN 9789810583897

Three 60-minute programs on one cd.

In a three-part epic journey through a 500-year artistic legacy, Art of Germany explores the surprises, beauty and wonder of German art. From its beginnings, through the Baroque, Romanticism, Expressionism and Dada movements to the modern day, this series follows a geographical as well as chronological journey through Germany, focusing on the cultural centres of each era. It explores the great themes of Germanic art – an obsession with landscape, folk lore and national identity – and tells the story of a national art that conveys passion, precision, hope and renewal, whilst juxtaposing escapism with control and a connection with nature against a love for the machine.

The third program, from Otto Dix, George Grosz and the age of the Bauhaus to the post-war painters Georg Baselitz, Hilla Becher and Joseph Beuys, looks for signs  that art retains a place at the heart of the new reunited Germany..