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Andy Warhol: “Giant” Size

Andy Warhol: “Giant” Size


Phaidon editors

ISBN 9780714877303

Good overview of Warhol’s career, now at an affordable price in this new edition. Organized chronologically, the chapters focus on the major themes of the artist’s work. Each introduced by 800-word texts. The chapter titles include Advertising, Matinee Idols, Self Portraits, America the Beautiful, The Factory, Death and Disasters, Films, Polaroids and Photobooth Portraits, The Velvet Underground, Famous Friends, Interview Magazine, and Warhol and Basquiat. Interwoven among the images and chapter texts are quotations from Warhol himself and from friends, critics, and personalities commenting on the artist, his work, and the era. Andy Warhol “Giant” Size remains the definitive document of this remarkable creative force. Includes 2000 illustrations in its 624 pages.