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Fiona Hall: Subject to Change

Fiona Hall: Subject to Change


Fiona Hall

ISBN 9780949836304

Subject to Change (1995) is an artist’s book and an early Piper Press publication we thought was long out of print. A few copies turned up. Only available directly from Piper Press.

Here is a description of Subject to Change by Julie Ewington, author of the Piper Press books Fiona Hall (out of print) and Del Kathryn Barton

“If I begin with Fiona Hall’s book Subject to Change (1995) it is to emphasise her love of language, her magpie-like collecting and collaging, her putting and pruning and punning. The book points to her deep curiosity about everyday materials and images, and her insatiable inventiveness. It also speaks to her delight, as an artist of the post-conceptual era, in exploring ideas through a range of materials. Hall always finds a medium appropriate to her subject: in the case of Subject to Change a mass-produced photolithographed book that enabled her to bring together texts and images from daily life in an accessible and democratic format.”

“In the mid 1990s, when Subject to Change was made, Hall’s work focused on the impact on contemporary life of mass-produced objects, teasing out the ways they circulate in society.”

Julie Ewington writing about Fiona Hall for the Museum of Contemporary Art website and MCA Collection Handbook