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Story of Contemporary Art

Story of Contemporary Art


Tony Godfrey

ISBN 9780500239872

Developments in contemporary art have followed no straightforward line of progress or sequence of movements. Recognising this, Tony Godfrey creates a narrative from a series of often dramatic creative conflicts and arguments around what art is or should be. From object versus sculpture and painting versus conceptual to local versus global, gallery versus wider world, The Story of Contemporary Art traces a history in terms of drastic changes in social and political life over the last sixty years. How do we experience being human in a world that seems to change so quickly?

In exploring art's relationship to this question, Godfrey asserts that multiple voices must be heard: critics, theorists, curators and collectors, but also audiences and artists themselves. Key to the book is that contemporary art is no longer exclusively white, male and western. Accessible, compelling and intelligent.

Written by Tony Godfrey, author of Piper Press title Tim Maguire.

Thames and Hudson 2020

280 pages, hardback, 27 x 21 cm