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This is Gaudi

This is Gaudi


Christina Christoforou

ISBN 9781780679082

Antoni Gaudi is loved thoughout Barcelona where he was the architect of many of the buildings that define that city. He was inspired by his faith in nature and the divine. Picking up the same strands of eclecticism and art nouveau, he transformed them into a unique style to create a series of buildings as revolutionary in their engineering as they were astonishing for their spaces. For Gaudi his work was his life, and this book reveals the exuberant world and groundbreaking work of this unique figure in the history of modern architecture.

This is… a series with a new way to present some of the great revolutionaries of art – some pages are like a graphic novel, others more like a traditional art monograph.

See a short video introducing the series and showing interior pages here.

  • Hardback
  • 50 illustrations
  • 80 pages
  • 228 x 171 mm