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This is Dalí

This is Dalí


Catherine Ingram

ISBN 9781780671093

Salvador Dali was known for his lavish lifestyle and his art. This book tells the story of Dali's life and explores his Surrealist paintings. Surrealism is revealed as a way of life; illustrations bring to life the extraordinary Dream Ball at the Coq Rouge, his fabulous home at Port Lligat and his underwater fantasy at the World Fair's Surrealist pavilion. Creative, provoking and frustrating, Dali is brought under the spotlight.

This is… a series with a new way to present some of the great revolutionaries of art – some pages are like a graphic novel, others more like a traditional art monograph.

See a short video introducing the series and showing interior pages here.

  • Hardback
  • 50 illustrations
  • 80 pages
  • 228 x 171 mm