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This is Bacon

This is Bacon


Kitty Hauser

ISBN 9781780671857

Francis Bacon was a major figure in the mid-twentieth century, and he influenced much of the figural and abstract art that came after him. This book features 19 of the artist’s major works, and it portrays the events of his life and the circle of friends and associates.

The major periods of Bacon’s life on the edge, such as his time spent in Berlin, Paris and the seedy milieu of post-war London, are portrayed, along with the influential figures who shaped both his personal life and his art. An original and highly visual book, This is Bacon forms a readable and provocative introduction to an influential artist.

A series with a new way to present some of the great revolutionaries of art – some pages are like a graphic novel, others more like a traditional art monograph.

See a short video introducing the series and showing interior pages here.

  • Hardback
  • 50 illustrations
  • 80 pages
  • 228 x 171 mm