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IB Visual Arts: Oxford (book only)

IB Visual Arts: Oxford (book only)


j paterson, s poppy, a vaughan

ISBN 9780198377917

Produced for senior students completing the IB visual arts course, but also highly recommended for students not preparing for the International Baccalaureate.

Includes a wealth of ideas to challenge and stretch creativity, and also plenty of suggestions to save time and help students to work effectively. They can choose to use this book as a guide throughout the course, or simply as a reference book when they need answers to questions.

The book follows the three assessed components of the IB: the comparative study, the process portfolio, and the exhibition. It also addresses a key element that is not assessed, the visual arts journal. All students will benefit from seeing parts of other students’ visual arts journals, especially as these are accompanied by advice on how to record, experiment, practice and reflect on:

  • observations from real-life experiences through notes, drawings and photography
  • your research from books and electronic media into other artists’ works, visual stimuli and contextual ideas
  • your interactions with your teachers and class critiques
  • your references so that it is easy to add citations when you submit assessed work.
  • experiment with new skills, technologies, concepts and ways of working.
  • practise writing for your process portfolio and for the comparative study.
  • reflect on the development of your new ideas and evaluate plans for process portfolio projects and your exhibition, etc., etc.