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Pipilotti RIST: Pixel Forest

Pipilotti RIST: Pixel Forest


Massimiliano Gioni - Editor

ISBN 9780714872766

A pioneer of experimental video art, Pipilotti Rist is celebrated for her immersive, seductive works that bridge the spaces between fine art and entertainment. Through saturated colours, sensuous imagery, and playful eroticism, Rist’s art, which ranges from kaleidoscopic video environments to a chandelier of tie-dyed underwear, absorbs viewers in a hyperfeminine aesthetic at odds with deeper themes of pain, innocence and transformation. Writers include Juliana Engberg, Massimiliano Gioni and Joan Jonas – leading voices from the cultural world who offer new perspective on Rist’s oeuvre and contextualize her work within contemporary art and the history of video art. Whether joyfully smashing car windscreens, or up close to lips, limbs, body hair and orifices, intercut with images of fruit, flowers, ice and gushing water, Rist’s work is remarkably individual and memorable.