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The Landscapes of Reg Mombassa

The Landscapes of Reg Mombassa


Reg Mombassa

ISBN 9781743792674


There were only a few copies left. Out of print elsewhere.

Reg Mombassa has been part of Australian pop culture for more than forty years, as a member of the band Mental As Anything and through his iconic artworks. He painted his first landscape at just fifteen and has developed an intense fascination with both the bush and buildings ever since.

“I started painting suburban houses because that is what I could see from my bedroom window. Later I would paint pictures of my childhood homes, partly as a reflection on family history but also as a mark of respect for my father, who built all of the houses we lived in. There was also a semi-abstract aesthetic to the slabs of even white or pastel of the house exteriors, which contrasted interestingly with the busier, richer, darker appearance of the surrounding landscape. Touring around Australia and New Zealand with rock bands has provided ample subject matter for pictures. I developed the habit of doing swift charcoal drawings of the passing landscape as we drove. Some of these I would exhibit as they were, and some would be coloured in later at my home studio. I also frequently took reference photographs with a throwaway cardboard camera.”

Reg Mombassa: Landscapes is a retrospective of one of Australia’s most beloved and celebrated artists. Reg Mombassa’s work has been a part of the fabric of Australia’s pop culture for nearly forty years with his irreverent take on Australian life and his evocative portraits of the landscape.