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New Way of Seeing

New Way of Seeing


Kelly Grovier

ISBN 9780500239636

Subtitled The History of Art in 57 Works, author Kelly Grovier combed the surface of revered works from the Terracotta Army of the First Qin Emperor to Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits and discovered that every truly great work is hardwired with an underappreciated detail, a flourish of strangeness, that ignites it from deep inside.

From Duchamp’s Fountain, and Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights to Louise Bourgeois’s Maman, Grovier looks closely at each work to identify the part of it that ‘bridges the divide between art and life, giving it palpable purpose and elevating its value beyond the visual to the vital’.

Whether or not you agree with Grovier, this book is full of fabulous illustrations and the author encourages you to look closely at each work and consider why it is so highly regarded.