The remote Kermadec Islands lie in the heart of one of the world’s great ocean wilderness areas. The 620,000-square kilometre Kermadec region, located between New Zealand and Tonga, is home to whales and turtles, sharks, seabirds, fish, and deep-sea marine life. It also contains underwater volcanoes and a deep-sea trench, making the islands a hotspot for some of the most geologically active and biologically unusual features on the planet. With so many environmental riches, the Kermadecs are an area worthy of our protective stewardship. In May 2011, the Pew Environment Group’s Global Ocean Legacy campaign organized an artists’ voyage to...

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Patricia Piccinini book at the printer

PATRICIA PICCININI: NEARLY BELOVED is looking great. It is our most anticipated book and is finally in the hands of the printer. The first proofs have come back to us and after some small adjustments printing should be underway next week, then binding and shipping. We expect books will be released late November, and we hope this is in good time to get copies to customers before Christmas.  Books will be in all our favourite bookshops such as the art gallery bookshops at Art Gallery of NSW, the National Gallery in Canberra, the NGV bookshop at Federation Square, QAG/GoMA bookshop...

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